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Is it in bad taste?

McDonald’s unveils very large Big Mac in Tamworth - A tribute to farmers.

To celebrate Australia Day and promote the ‘Down Under’ Big Mac, McDonald’s Australia unveiled a Big Mac monument last week in tamworth.

The eight-metre tall tribute was unveiled in Tamworth by city Col Murray. It joins the Big Prawn, the Big Merino, the Big Banana, and other iconic Australian ‘big’ tourist attractions scattered throughout Australia.

The tower was intended as a tribute to Australia’s farmers.

“With locally sourced beef, lettuce, pickles and wheat, it’s our homegrown ingredients that help make the Big Mac an Aussie favourite,” says Joe Feeney, director of marketing at McDonald’s.

The ‘Down Under Big Mac’ is the name McDonald’s has given to eating one’s Big Mac upside-down. last week it encouraged consumers nationwide to share snaps on social of themselves eating one in this fashion. At this point in time it’s unclear whether the technique will catch on, but an Instagram search returns a paltry two uses of the hashtag.

However, Tamworth RSL sub-branch president Bob Chapman said, while McDonalds pitched it as a tribute to farmers, it was “clearly a marketing tool, The whole Waler precinct is sacred ground,” Mr Chapman said.

”That memorial was erected to commemorate the sacrifice of the men named on it. We don’t need bloody Big Macs erected around them.”

Mr Chapman gave council and McDonalds the benefit of the doubt, but wanted others to take note of the outrage.

“Let’s hope it’s a case of people coming up with a great idea, but not thinking about it, But from now on, people need to realise there is no room for advertising on sacred sites" said. 

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