Innovative Influencer Marketing That Turned Thousands Into Millions

In 2017, Smiths in partnership with Social Soup released Sunbites Snack Crackers. The product performed very well for quality, loyalty and repeat purchase, but faced a challenge in consumer consideration due to competition from the more well-known brand Shapes.

The goal of Social Soup's Sunbites Snack Crackers was to create awareness and relevance around the range through sampling, or trial. However, traditional methods of sampling incur substantial expenses, between the cost of events, products, support and shipping. To circumvent this issue, Social Soup delved into the domain of digital sampling. They developed an app where users could gain access to vouchers that could be redeemed in-store.

Social Soup discovered through research a decisive link between a consumer finding a new product they like and the chance they will then share their discovery on instagram - particularly in the case of snack food - which in turn leads to action on the part of those who view the post. Their research also showed that after seeing a new snack food on social media, 59% of people will seek out and buy the product.

Social Soup designed a highly successful, technology-driven campaign that increased awareness for the Sunbites Snack Crackers product, through its voucher system and consumers' posts on social media driving interest.

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