Subway, the biggest and most well-known sandwich brand in the world, struggles in Australia despite their fame due to direct competition from other giants such as McDonald's and restaurant brands like Oporto as well as further indirect competition from supermarkets to cafés to petrol stations and anything else.

These circumstances, along with research by Subway, led to the launch on World Sandwich Day of the 'Subway Live Feed' - a combination of BOGOFGO ('buy one, get one free, give one') and a live feed on social media tracking how many subs had been sold and therefore how many meals had been given to the hungry.

Subway Live Feed opened the hearts and wallets of Australians and people all around the world with its emphasis on feeding the hungry, because "Everyone deserves access to quality food". On World Sandwich Day, sales in Australia increased by 28% and over 14 million meals were donated worldwide.

Subway was celebrated as a brand 'fighting hunger', with more social buzz about the brand on World Sandwich Day than on any other day as people embraced the movement and shared their participation in the Live Feed on social media.

When your competition is fierce, it only takes one very clever idea to become a champion.


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