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Not dead, just different.... Homepages

We are so used to constant changes now, especially in the digital space, as websites have come a long way since 1991. Today, the website homepage is no longer the star of your digital show, it can still be a valuable supporting player if you use it right.

Some key things to remember are:
- The homepage is no longer your front door
- Keep it simple
- Collection pages (Pages that contain content from a variety of different sections, such as a shop specials page) are your new best friend 
- Publish more content more often
- Look both ways, traffic and analytics.

Website homepages have undergone a bit of an identity crisis in the past few years – it’s no longer the star of your digital show, but more of a supporting player.

Consumers are discovering your content through social media, direct links in emails and non-branded search queries, which take them directly to product pages or blog posts, and means that often your website homepage is the last thing that they will visit, if they do at all.

We must now assume that visitors to our site are coming in from multiple different entry points

It’s time to let go of traditional structure, and embrace the non-linear ways your visitors are behaving on your site.

Your website homepage should be for directing traffic and giving a brief introduction to your brand/business. If by chance someone does land straight onto your website homepage, you want to make sure that you’re able to convert that someone to a customer – which you won’t do by overwhelming them with too much information.

Collection pages are naturally SEO friendly, with product information, juicy descriptions and images that search engines and consumers love.

There is no one formula that will fit every site, so it’s vital to track and measure your individual site traffic and unique visitor pathways. Much attention is given to generating traffic, however monitoring traffic gives you an important edge to target your unique customer profiles.

Ready for a website refresh, then 2018 is a great time to start.
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Until next time!
Heidi Manning - Creative Director


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