This is where it all begins. Getting this right - laying the strong foundation - all starts with a logo and builds into a brand and image your customers know, trust and value. 2 Creative Media works with it's clients on new logo development and also to re-position existing business logos/brands to improve their market perception and strength. Logos and the subsequent brand that is built around them need to project the businesses core values and connect with their target audience - without an active brand building strategy any logo will remain just that, a graphic mark void of personality and value


This our glue...what makes us stand out. Our BIG point of difference is not just our idea generation it's the actual IMPLEMENTATION of those ideas. Businesses are busy doing what they do well and with so much noise out there it can sometimes be hard to be heard let alone understood. We take out all the hard work, come up with the ideas and do it for you and then provide you with the results. The team ensures every campaign is communicated across all platforms consistently, taking into consideration how your business looks and sounds on the inside and out.


2 Creative Media works with their clients on diverse array of creative design/visual communication projects.
This involves preparing information for publication with particular emphasis on clarity of communication and the matching of presentation styles to audience requirements.
- To skilfully use the communication properties of symbols, colours and pictures.
- Preparing concept layouts and mock-ups......


As technology continues to grow and changes the way we all communicate and do business, an end-to-end agency needs to deliver results through both traditional media and digital form. And it’s because we know our clients really well that we understand what will work for each project, to achieve the desired results.
Social Media is on everyone's radar and has an important role for business communication. Maintaining a professional presence in so many areas can be VERY time consuming. Don’t be left behind or overwhelmed. Leave it to us and we’ll get it done!


2 Creative Media transforms any space, venue, or location with in-house event styling and theming. Maybe you might need help with an event that is lacking the results, spark and enthusiasm you’d like it to have? Talk to us about on how we can communicate it successfully to your audience, align it with your brand and leave a lasting impression.